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Technological advancement has taken over the globe. We live in a digital world today as everything we do is being shaped by digital invention. They are lots of student in school who study computer science or technology related course but don’t have the in-depth knowledge of these courses. Why is that so? Because we have the Nigeria teaching system, building them on the theoretical aspect of study and they end up losing focus on what they are supposed to be taught due to lack of going in-depth in their courses.

Also, there are young people with passion in Information technology from birth who are not exposed to the proper guidelines to follow, commonly found in Nigeria. This is because most of our parents/guardians don’t see the way the tech world is transforming today.


Today, there are many unemployed graduates in the country. The reason why many technicians earn more than some university graduates is because the technicians acquire more practical skills than theories, unlike the graduates who are fed with theoretical twaddle. "Skilled person can survive in any environment.&qout; As water is very essential to human life, so is skill and acquisition. Lack of entrepreneurial skills is one of the major causes of corruption and poverty.


The Nigerian economy is slowly crawling its way from an oil-based economy back to agriculture. It is expected that agriculture should serve as the main source of income (and food) for most Nigerians. However, the agricultural sector faces lots of challenges. Among them is a lack of access to modern day farming equipment which has greatly affected the productivity of most farmers.


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