Educational Programme

Why Education?

Education is a movement from darkness to light. It is one of the most important fundamental rights in life however, gender disparity in education has been a fundamental topic in the development discourse regarding Nigeria. Education is the key to success seeing as it opens up opportunities, illuminates a person’s mind and thinking. Education is a major player in economic growth.


Low educational levels can be associated with, poor health, low self-esteem, financial dependency and social isolation. Globally, only two thirds of developing countries have achieved gender parity in primary education. Nigeria is not amongst the countries with this achievement. Religion, socio-cultural and socio-economic standing still determines the educational status of over 60% of Nigerian females.

GCF's approach

Social awareness

We conducted a baseline assessment of gender parity in education to determine the awareness and sensitization needs for optimal delivery of information. Thereafter, we created awareness tools (brochures, pamphlets, advertisements) tailored to our findings.


Determining that poverty was a major cause of gender parity in education, we developed local capacity for individuals to continuously fund a scholarship account for out of school females in need of funds ensuring that they complete their education.

Access to books

We designed a program that allows children who do not have access to books free access. We provide free eBooks, and have a system where people donate used books and fill up empty library shelves in targeted schools. We also intend to rehab, reconstruct, and build libraries in targeted schools in rural areas with a properly trained librarian. (Mobile library service) will be launched to extend library service to children in remote areas with each van stocked with 1,500 books.

Educational support

Lack of adequate and consistent lighting has a detrimental impact on school-going children, and this leads to a reduced performance in school and exposure to pernicious emissions. To solve this, we aim to provide educational accessories such as solar lights to children going to school to help them safely study at night.


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