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We vet all of our candidates extensively to make sure they are not only talented, but also a good fit for your specific business needs.

Our Grads Have

Why hire GarnetCare Foundation graduates?

Our graduates are highly skilled, motivated, and passionate people. From our rigorous, expert-authored curriculum to our dual mentorship model and individualized career coaching—everything we do centers around one goal: To prepare our graduates for highly impactful careers in tech.

Mentored growth

Our students work with both a mentor and a tutor so that every step of their training and journey is guided by respected aqnd sound voices from across the industry.

Practical Skills

Our expert-authored curriculum prepares our graduates to make an impact from day one, providing a hands-on learning experience that’s in sync with the pulse of the industry.

Passion & Motivation

Our graduates come from all works of life and have done the hard work of forging new careers—often on top of full-time work and other obligations. Simply put, they accomplish what they set out to do.

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  • Tell us what you’re looking for

    Whether you’re hiring for an internship, a full-time position, or a student project—we can connect you with the perfect candidates. Share the details with us here to get started.

  • We reach out to our network

    Once you reach out to us, we’ll share the job information through our internal job board, active Slack channels, and alumni networks and database.

  • You receive applications

    Qualified candidates from our network will submit their applications and follow your established recruitment process, allowing you to connect directly with them and find the perfect match.

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