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Summer ICT Bootcamp


by Nimi Ogaji

Nimi is an experienced Product Manager specializing in Growth in Garnet Care with a high degree of expertise in SEO,Social Media Marketing,Web Analytics,Content /Technical Planning.

30 Jun, 2022  100 Likes

summer is a season that is mostly associated with a lot of fun activities like traveling; which enables one to experience new cultures
and connections, festivals, and learning new things in different places like summer
boot camps and other out-of-school learning experiences.
And without any doubt, one of the biggest skills to learn this summer, especially for kids and teens should be tech-related skills
because of the impact of information communication and technology (ICT) on society today.

So, in this blog post we’ll look at the importance of ICT in society, Garnet care foundation’s summer ICT Bootcamp,
who should attend, What to learn, and the conclusion.

The importance of ICT in Society; One can’t phantom a world without information technology today.
From the way we communicate to how we work, it’s difficult to picture a
world where we could separate human interaction
and behavior from information communication and technology(ICT), as it’s evident how it has massively
impacted our society and culture because everywhere that we look, ICT
is in the things we use,
like smartphones, gadgets, toys, aircraft, shopping malls, schools, worship centers,cinema
theatres, gyms, restaurants, and hotels, information communication and technology offer efficiency in operations,
uick transactions, and the ability to store unlimited data.  

Garnet care foundation’s summer Boot camp; Summer holidays are coming and many of you may have planned a vacation
away from town and many more will
be looking for fun and learning activities for themselves and their kids as well,
which is customary as per summer activities in this regard, Garnet care
foundation has been thinking of your kids and w
ants to engage them in activities that will surely enable their development
and well-being
through her summer ICT boot camp program which will include:
learning by having fun, individual and team-building creative projects that promote 21st-century skills in ICT.

This Boot Camp promises to be the space where the imagination of each child will be unlocked.
Their energy, creativity, and curiosity will be allowed to explore the world of ICT.

Garnet care foundation’s Summer ICT Boot Camp is open to all kids 8-20-year-old and Adults. 

What to Learn; starting with basic computer appreciation, this course is for kids and adults that are not yet familiar with the basic computing modules,
they will be
introduced to the functions of the keyboard, software like Microsoft suits or office computer operating system,
how to open an email account, how to open and save files like PDF and DOC and how to use the internet access information
as well as how to use the system to perform arithmetic and logical operation.

The next section is for programming, HTML, CSS & JAVASCRIPT- The three-building block of the modern website.
HTML is the backbone of all websites, and by starting with the basics of HTML your kids will be able to create some truly amazing sites.
In this course, your kid will learn how to use HTML to structure the content of a website,
as well as how to use an inline style to control the appearance of texts.

Conclusion; one can’t imagine a world without information technology today. because of the impact it has created on society.
Since summer is the best time to have fun and learn new things why not give your kids the opportunity of learning or acquiring a tech skill in a seren, secured, fun and exciting place like garnet care foundation's summer Bootcamp.



Thursday 30 June, 2022


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